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Program Coordinator: Liese Reagan,


​​Carol and Liallah first met in the fall of 2019. They were excited to connect, as Carol is an art teacher and Liallah enjoys art. The two started meeting at school and quickly began to form a friendship. They sometimes had lunch together or enjoyed some fresh air on the playground.

Not long after meeting, schools went into remote learning due to Covid. That did not stop Carol from reaching out, sometimes sending “cat” cards and letters, or providing art materials to Liallah during quarantine.

This fall the pair were able to meet in person again. Playing Uno or drawing after lunch are still some favorite activities. Liallah takes this time with Carol to relax, draw anime and chat. What a nice break in the school day!

January is National
​Mentoring Appreciation Month

​This is a time to celebrate the power of mentoring around the country and in our own community. Grand Isle County Mentoring is in its 13 th year of running with pairs in all 4 of our island schools. This school year, we are back to in person mentoring and are very proud of the dedication and commitment our mentors and mentees have shown to the program despite the continued challenges of the pandemic.

If you know a mentor in our community or beyond, be sure to thank them for making a difference in a youth’s life!

Mentoring relationships are all unique.
Some last a year or two, others a lifetime.
What we do know, is that any time a caring adult in the community can offer time, knowledge, and thoughtful support to
youth there is potential to make a positive impact in both the life of the mentor and the life of the mentee.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please reach out and we can discuss what
mentoring this spring will look like. If you have a child in your family that might be interested in the
mentoring program, I am happy to give more information.

For more information contact Liese Reagan
or call/text 

Are you interested in becoming a mentor? We would love to hear from you!

The Grand Isle County Mentoring Program was launched in October, 2009 with a Mentoring in Schools implementation grant. Grand Isle County Mentoring is a school-based mentoring program, which matches community children with adults who have similar interests. They meet once a week for one hour in the school at a mutually convenient time and develop a relationship. During their time together they participate in many activities on the school grounds, including games, arts and crafts, cooking and conversation. Mentoring has proven results for both the children and adults who care enough to make the commitment of just one hour a week. All 3 of our island schools have active mentoring pairs that meet during the school year. All mentors are supported by the mentoring coordinator in collaboration with school staff. Fun opportunities to gather as a group are offered throughout the school year (when restrictions are lifted). Please consider becoming part of this great program!

For more information contact Liese Reagan at 
or call/text 

Being a mentor helps two people

“My mentee and I "Zoomed" every other week during the “lock down” of the pandemic. When we

started this routine, I wondered what we would do for an hour on Zoom.

We played some games, did puzzles over Zoom, talked, his little sister and mother sometimes joined us! We both wanted something to look forward to, something different then our routine at home.

After a few sessions, I realized that I was looking forward to our next meet up. How nice to see young people, rather than the two retirees in our house. How nice to laugh at silly things … following him, and his computer, around his house to see the new

chickens, ducks and Steak, the cow, outside.

Perhaps he added more joy and levity to

my life than I did to his; who knows?”

~ Ellen Dorsch, Mentor at Grand Isle School