Ms. Kendre's Classroom

We have worked so hard during our first semester. We have student run clubs, a small business, and a classroom full of hard work and kindness. I am so proud of both 3rd and 4th grade for the work they have done so far this year!

Waste Warriors

Lake Champlain

Join our movement to help clean up our lake and our planet! Last year some of our dedicated and enthusiastic students started using their recess time to find and properly dispose of litter around the school grounds. With the wind in the islands it is easy for trash to blow out of bins, spreading across not only our playgrounds but into the surrounding farms as well. This trash eventually reaches the lake and pollutes our beautiful waters. Thanks to these impressive students, multiple pounds less of trash reached the farms surrounding our school, and the lake we all love. Join us this year during one recess block a week to help keep our environment healthy and clean!



Social Studies

4th grade has started a new book on the circulatory system. We are learning all about the heart and what it does for our body.

3rd grade has finished up studying a book called Amos and Boris- the story of best friends who help each other out. We have compared it to famous art as well as an old fable. The students are learning more about how artists study the sea.

4th grade has finished writing an informational paragraph about a woman who impacted history. They are studying what it means to have a good heart both literally and figuratively.

3rd grade is studying the sea and how artists can explore it through different mediums. They are practicing multiple forms of notetaking!

4th grade students have been studying Vermont this year; both its geography and its history.

3rd grade is learning all about their place on the map and the continents and countries that make up our planet.