I am so excited to be teaching French at North Hero and Grand Isle again this year. I will be at the North Hero Elementary School on Thursdays, and Grand Isle on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, teaching French and also working with classroom teachers to provide some extra bilingual experiences. 

I am from Tours, France and have taught French for over 13 years in the United States. I love sharing the French language with students and teaching about Francophone cultures around the world. 

I will be helping the students acquire/ continue to acquire French in similar ways to how they learned to speak English: through meaningful and comprehensible input, authentic communication, gestures, props, images, games, songs and rhymes. All this while having fun,  
bien sûr (of course)!

Through the lens of another language, the overarching target is to develop global citizens ready to embrace their world as
curious, creative, courageous, and capable people.

On y va! (let’s go),

Madame Lisa